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  • Refund Requests

    Refund Request Form

    Are You In Need Of A Refund?

    Please follow These Steps To Complete the Refund Process.


    Please Download or Print the Refund Request Form,

    Refund Request Form in Adobe PDF         or          Player Refund Request.doc

    Refund Requests Cannot Be Processed Until Required Paperwork is Fully Completed/Legible 

    Ensure Address on Refund Request Form Is The Address You Want The Refund Mailed To,

    Be Sure To Write Your Phone Number On The Form

    and submit Form by Mail or E-Mail

    All requests must ge submitted by sept. 1, 2015 

    *Fundraiser\Discount Cards Issued At Time Of Registration are not refundable, and Will Not be included in the refund amount Example,  if you paid $140 for Registration Fees then $20 will be deducted for cards = $120 Total Refund*

    Questions on Refunds?

    Or Submitting Refund Requests By E-Mail

    Contact Region 258's Treasurer

    Kristi Waldrop


    Mail To:  AYSO Region 258 

           P.O. Box 1132

                            Lemon Grove, Ca. 91946

  • Mandatory Coaches Meeting, All Prospective Coaches Must Attend!

    Miss The Mandatory Coaches Meeting?



  • Mail In Registration/Sign-Ups Still Being Accepted For Fall Season Starts Aug. 1st


    Spring Valley - Lemon Grove AYSO Region 258

    If you missed out on all of our Registration Dates and still want to register your children, we are please to announce that you can still register your children by mail!!

    Mail In Registration/Sign-Ups are First Come First Serve basis


    How To Register your Children By Mail

    1. Complete the players' pre-registration forms for each child via

    2. Print two (2) copies of the pre-registration forms for each child being registered.

    (Hand Written Forms Will Not Be Accepted)

    *be sure to sign the concussion form included in the players' pre-registration forms, each child needs a signed form*

    3. Print and sign a copy of AYSO Kids Zone Pledge which can be found by the link below

    English Kids Zone Pledge

    Spanish Kids Zone Pledge

    4. If this is your childs' first year playing with Region 258, Proof Of Player's Age is needed

    (example, Copies of Birth Certificate or Shot Records)

    3. Registration fee is $140 for each child being registered.

    (Money Orders are the only form of payment accepted,
    to Cover Registration Fees through the mail.)

    4. Mail In All Paperwork and Payments to:

    AYSO Region 258 Spring Valley - Lemon Grove

    P.O. Box 1132 Lemon Grove, CA 91946

    Any Questions Please Call


    Our core program is the foundation for all the fun, excitement and learning that happens on the fields. AYSO is best known for our core program – it’s where the large majority of kids fall in love with soccer and make memories that will last a lifetime.

    The core program is for every player ages 4 and up and all that is required is a desire to play. In Region 258 we strive to provide the best for all of our players by implementing and following both the national coach and national referee programs. Our goal is the have all of our coaches trained for the age they will coach and all of our referees properly certified before they take the field.

    Your child deserves the best AYSO experience we encourage you to support your child and their coach. The most important thing that as a family you can do is VOLUNTEER!!  All of Region 258's Staff, Referees, Coaches and Board Members are volunteers and we need Help!! Please take a minute and fill out a volunteer form on or at one of our Registration Events.

    For More Info Please Call

    AYSO Region 258



  • What Age Division Is My Child In?

    Registration Age Breakdown

    To help in determining the proper age and division for players, the following chart is provided. Excerpts of two portions of the AYSO Rules and Regulations that pertain to this matter are: Article III(B): The effective date of age determination shall be the player's age as of July 31 immediately prior to the start of the membership year as defined in Article V. Players who have reached the age of four years as of this date are eligible to participate in the program. Players who are nineteen years of age or older as of this date are not eligible to participate. Article V: The period of official membership shall be from August 1 through the following July 31 each year.

    The following chart applies for the next official membership year and is based on the age groupings in AYSO's Rules and Regulations Article III. Any player whose birth date falls on or between these dates should be placed in the designated division.

    Age Guide for 2015-2016 Membership Year
    Division Age Born Between
    U-19 16-17-18 8/1/96 and 7/31/99
    U-16 14-15 8/1/99 and 7/31/01
    U-14 12-13 8/1/01 and 7/31/03
    U-12 10-11 8/1/03 and 7/31/05
    U-10 8-9 8/1/05 and 7/31/07
    U-8 6-7 8/1/07 and 7/31/09
    U-6 5 8/1/09 and 7/31/10
    U-5 4 8/1/10 and 7/31/11
    This age guide is for games and competitions that begin on or after Aug. 1, 2015.Download this chart.
    Age Guide for 2014-2015 Membership Year
    Division Age Born Between
    U-19 16-17-18 8/1/95 and 7/31/98
    U-16 14-15 8/1/98 and 7/31/00
    U-14 12-13 8/1/00 and 7/31/02
    U-12 10-11 8/1/02 and 7/31/04
    U-10 8-9 8/1/04 and 7/31/06
    U-8 6-7 8/1/06 and 7/31/08
    U-6 5 8/1/08 and 7/31/09
    U-5 4 8/1/09 and 7/31/10
    This age guide is for games and competitions that begin on or after Aug. 1, 2014.Download this chart.  
      U-5 Registration Exception The AYSO Rules & Regulations has a U-5 registration option that offers an exception to the Age Determination date, only for players not yet 4 years of age as of July 31. This change was sponsored by Regions where a primary playing season (and in some cases the only playing season) does not start until later in the membership year. It allows the registration of those players who are 4 years of age by the start of soccer activities, but who were not 4 years of age on 7/31. All Regions are free to consider this option. The age determination date for all other players remains unchanged. U-5 Registration Option
  • Registration A Step By Step Guide For Volunteer/Players

    OPEN REGISTRATION is one of AYSO’s core philosophies. We will continue to register players as long as it is possible to accommodate them. After that we will form a waiting list to fill in any vacancies.

    Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions about registration forms, fees, or general registration questions.

    *We are currently accepting registration for the Fall Season*

    Player’s Registration Steps

    1. To Get a Form: Perform the Online Pre-Registration at  Be sure to print out and sign two (2) copies of the Player's pre-Registration form. 2. Proof of Age: All players need to provide proof of age. This can be a copy of a birth certificate, school enrollment form or medical card that includes date of birth.*

          *Returning Players: Proof of age not required, We have information on file for returning players.*

    3. Registration Fees and Payments: AYSO 258 Does not accept credit/debit card payments at this time, accepted forms of payments are Cash, Money Order, or Check, Please make checks payable to “Spring Valley/Lemon Grove AYSO Region 258”. Payment will only be accepted at Registration Events in person. Bring two (2) copies of the player’s pre-registration form printed from (Step 1), proof of your child’s age (step 2) and payment. *

    *Discounts for “Early Bird” (Early Registration) may be available and will be posted on home page of AYSO 258’s website, Registration Events dates will also be posted, please check back for updates.

    4. Late Registrations: If you would like to register and be placed on the waiting list, please contact our Regional Registrar We will be filling all remaining spots from the Waiting List on a first come first served basis.  

    Volunteer Registration

    Volunteers: You will be asked to volunteer, and we hope you will. If you do, you will be asked to provide information in compliance with the Child Protection Act, including your social security number and date of birth. This information is kept in strict confidence and cannot even be viewed by the web site administrators. When you print your volunteer form, your social security number will be printed as stars (***-**-****). Volunteer Forms may be returned at any of our registration events. Volunteer registration is the same and as easy as registering your child on choose either “I am a Returning Volunteer, but I have never used eAYSO” or “I am new to AYSO and want to volunteer” option and follow the steps.

    For Any Questions Regarding Registration Please Contact

    Martha Martinez

  • Region 258 Referees

    To all newly certified and returning Region 258 Referees.

    First, I would like to take the time to welcome all the new Refs, and welcome back all of our returning Refs. Many of you may or may not have heard that we have transitioned the way our referees sign up for games. The new scheduling system we are using this season should simplify the whole process of scheduling referees for our games.

    Please follow these 3 easy steps to register for a account so you can access the new system

    1. Please visit Region 258's Referee Scheduling Site by Clicking Here

    2. You will see this message "If you have been directed to request access, use the "Request An Accountbutton and follow the instructions."

    3. Follow the instruction to register yourself with the system.

    Please save your Login information, this will be how you schedule yourself for games.

    Any Questions please contact the Regional Referee Administrator

    Jennifer Weddington


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AYSO Region 258 Spring Valley/Lemon Grove

We will be at the Lemon Grove Community Center today 07/30/15 from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm accepting payments for registered players. *If your child made it to one of the Extra Teams and you have not paid the full registration amount, please come in and see us. ... See MoreSee Less

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AYSO Region 258 Spring Valley/Lemon Grove

We will be at the Lemon Grove Community Center today from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm accepting payments for registered players. *If your child made it to one of the Extra Teams and you have not paid the full registration amount, please come in and see us. ... See MoreSee Less

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